Heading To Tokyo? Here’s 5 Stores You Can’t Miss

When it comes to fashion, Tokyo is a mecca for inspiration, offering up both contemporary trends and unexpected twists on vintage style. Strolling through the city is like hanging outside shows during Fashion Week: You’re constantly exposed to absurd styling (in the best way possible) and surprising color pairings. It’s not just the outfits that are innovative, it’s the designs you’ll find at shops across town.

Japan’s liberal attitude toward fashion makes it a playground for shopping adventures. And even if you’re not interested in decking yourself out in head-to-toe kawaii, you can still find plenty of accent pieces to boost your daily wardrobe. To give you an idea of what you can find in Tokyo’s expansive urban sprawl, we’ve rounded up the best shops for one-of-a-kind, outfit-making pieces. Ahead, you’ll find a combination of stores dedicated to showcasing relatively unknown Japanese labels, as well as designers focused on bringing the country’s aesthetic back to the market.

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